Bangalore SHG Meeting report 20 Aug 2017

The commencement time of the meeting is 10AM but I reached Cubbon park at 9:20 only, just to admire the beauty of nature and dogs and people. On my way from corporation to hut, I met a butterfly and a drunkard. Butterfly flew away and drunkard stumbled on the path and lost his way. I reached near the small hut but headed to canteen to enjoy some tea. As said by great sages: A journey of thousands miles start not with a single step but a cup of tea, so why not our meeting. On my way back to the hut, I was greeted by some cyclists and our dogs. Those are two happy faces who are the only punctual guys.

After a wait of thirty minutes, I had, with myself Ranjit, HariKrishna, Aseem and Amarnath. As soon as we started stretching, Rajkumar and Abdul also joined. We started with some stretching and proceeded to introduction. This time it was not a conventional introduction. We had a chance to introduce ourselves as whoever we want but us. This activity was to make yourself think since all of us have already become so comfortable with our introduction. We had some great people with us: Mahatma Gandhi, Ludwing Beethovon, Venkaiah Naidu, shakespere, Dhoni, Amir Khan and Narayana Prasad.

Post Introduction we discussed technique prolongation and understood how to use it, we gave our real introduction then with the technique. We decided to use prolongation throughout the meeting. Next we had extempore. It was a chance for the audience to think and come up with topics. Some people are still not thinking, next time they should be aware as they only are going to give topics on the spot. This was followed by a speech from all of us to tell “what would have been different for us if we were not a stammerer?”. Every week I have planned to have a topic related to stammering which will relieve the thoughts we have regarding stammering. We got to listen some interesting positive and negative things which has happened to people because of stammering. People poured their heart out and that was the intention. This also enabled us to understand that how we get excited once gotten a chance to speak about our self and forget the technique. It was to reminded from time to time to use the technique. Till the final of this activity, Sharath has also joined us and he also told about this topic.

Now was the time for the real intention of first activity, introduction with different name. It was made to see how many participant listen to the speaker carefully. It was not to show anyone how good listener you are so we just thought and kept it to ourselves. Next was stranger talk, we divided into three groups and went to catch some innocent people. Till the time we came back, it had already started raining. we met again once the rain had stopped and discussed the experience. There was also a punishment for the latecomers to sing a song. Since Everyone was late except for me, Everyone sang a song of their own choice. It was time to conclude the meeting. Dogs had left us already but we knew they will be back once clock reaches 10AM on next Sunday.



Few Points to mention:

  1. people are being loud and clear.
  2. Slowly we are using techniques.
  3. I really need to work on my time management skill though this week it was better.
  4. Need to find ways to make people more uncomfortable. 😛


To Join Bangalore SHG: Please contact Shobhit- 9990449976(whatsapp response will be delayed),

  1. Nishil Kumar 2 years ago

    Awesome report shobit

  2. Dinesh 2 years ago

    Great activities and a equally well laid out report.. a timely report is backbone of Shg.. Wonderful Shobhit.

  3. Sachin 2 years ago

    Yes, Shobhit make them so uncomfortable – that they forget all about stammering! and fluently ask you to leave..! ha ha ha..
    (Stress is a development tool!)

  4. Amitsingh Kushwaha 2 years ago

    Great meeting. Congratulations for all.

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