5th Hangout SHG meeting

Tisa virtual SHG organised it’s hangouts meet on 24 August 2017 .

People took part in meeting —

1. Sumit 2. Rishabh 3. Jitendra sir 4. Harnesh 5. Sarvesh 6. Bhupendra 7. Sanchit 8. Naresh

This time Rishabh was a Co – Host with me. He conducted two activities in meeting.

We started with introduction round . After that everyone shared their life experience . Then we started our GD on topic ” Is India’s Action on Doklam is right or wrong ” . After completion of our GD we discussed about Tisa techniques like bouncing , prolongation and voluntary stuttering . Then our next round is poem reciting in which sanchit recited a poem on Agnipath , and I recited a poem ” waqt abhi baki h ” and Sumit recited a poem on Gajar . After this round, we started our round salesman job in which I gave rishabh a pen to sell while Sumit sold a cup to us . And at the end we end our meeting by discussing about doubts of people regarding Tisa techniques . And we took feedback from everyone to make our meetings more better.

Report prepared by –

Bhupendra ( Rajasthan )

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  1. Sachin 2 years ago

    Great gathering… Poem on gajar! What about gajar ka halwa? You all deserve something sweet after such a nice meeting. Kucch meetha ho jaye…

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