Mumbai SHG 2nd Hangout Meeting

Mumbai SHG 2nd hangouts SHG meeting
Members participated –
1. Dhruv 2. Chinmay 3. Vipul 4. Pravesh 5. Parag 6. Bhupendra

So, first everyone introduced themselves . After that everyone shared there worst experience with Stammering, and after that we are having a round ” what makes us happy to be a stammerer ” while we get know dhruv met is girlfriend? because of stammering , and everyone shared there experience. Then in the next round ” what you had done to recover your Stammering” Everyone shared their stories what they had done to recover or love their Stammering. Then everyone told about what they know about TISA. And then Joke Sharing Round Started in which everyone shared a joke while parag is listening to our jokes. Hope he will come with more jokes in in-person SHG meet next time . So, finally the meeting ended with feedback given by everyone to improve the Online Hangouts meetings . And also dhruv and vipul answered my doubts regarding bouncing technique. So Finally this meet was a great success for TISA – Mumbai SHG Family.

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  1. Sachin 2 years ago

    Wow! You are our hangout expert!
    Long time (2007-2015 or so), I thought face to face is the only way, where one pws can help the other.. Now, I am beginning to see that online interactions can also challenge people and teach them something useful. What we are practicing can be called “Tele Medicine” or “Tele Self-help”..

    I hope you are following up individuals by talking to them in a hangout again after a few weeks..
    All the best!

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