Yes, I am a Person Who Stammers

I am Swarup Nanda Mishra from Odisha. I am a student, and a person who stammers… Because of this most of the time I feel shy when I meet strangers. I suffered due to this from my childhood. After schooling I took a therapy for 2 month. Due to the lack of time to practice I got no benefits. In my school as well as in college when teacher asked me my name or a question, I stammered. At the time of attendance calling I couldn’t say “yes sir” at the correct time. My friends started laughing at me, and it hurt me. I started feeling depressed. I also stammered when I faced strangers and during phone calls.

Then I get to know about TISA and then became a member. Through TISA self help group (WhatsApp) I practiced talking through phone calls, attending video conferencing with others who also stammered, and who were also strangers for me. Slowly, I felt confident and got comfortable with my stammering. Fear has now gone. Now I take as a challenge to improve my stammering. And I will do it for sure. It can only be possible with TISA. Now I can proudly say that “Yes I am the person who stammers.”

I want to start an SHG (self help group) in Odisha which comes under the TISA (The Indian stammering association). I appeal to all PWS (people who stammer) to please contact me on 8594996696 and join this self help initiative. Don’t miss this opportunity to change your life.  We welcome you at SHG Odisha.

Thank you TISA

Swarup Nanda Mishra, 

  1. Amitsingh Kushwaha 3 years ago

    Good Initiative.

  2. Keep it up Swarup , we are with you

  3. Sachin 2 years ago

    Wonderful Swarup! This is exactly my story too!
    We are a biological family… therefore!

  4. Vamsi Krishna Devarsetty 2 years ago

    Chillax bro….it happens!!!
    N yeah I support uh…keep goin!!
    N waise bhi Bina buffering k aaj tak koi videos dekha h kya!!!!
    Lyf bhi aisi hi h….it buffers…but simultaneously it goes smooth!!!
    So just cope up wid ua surroundings…n neva get shy abt stammering!!!

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