Bangalore SHG Report 3 Sept 2017

Once again I got the chance to coordinate SHG after a gap of one week. Due to some commitment, I have to pass the torch to other SHG members for last week. This week again it was with me. Before SHG meet, we had our theater group activities, in which we were now reading a play by Mohan Rakesh. It was amusing to see us struggling over reading basic hindi. After that we went for tea and waited for the SHG people to come. The SHG could start at 10:50.

Till Start of the SHG, we had four people: me(Shobhit) along with Tanmay, Kavish and Aseem. Sharath and Shudhansu joined just after introducition and were followed by Ranjit and Dhanvant. After doing some stretching, we again did our last week activity in which we were supposed to introduce ourselves as someone else. This activity showed us how difficult it becomes to speak and think if we have not practiced it. After introduction with such way, we discussed bouncing technique and implemented it in our real introduction. Post this, we decide to use some technique throughout the meeting and asked people to remind if we fail to use. Then came extempore. Extempore was same as all week. Topics were given by audience and me and people were supposed to think and speak.

Extempore was followed by a discussion on “your one experience of stammering and how did you react to that? What would be your reaction now to same situation?” We could see people getting attached to the topic and forgetting to use technique or smile. Why this happens that things which we are attached to are always throw us off our all guards and we return to our natural behavior. Anyway the objective of this activity is to desensitize people regarding stammering and we took one more step towards our goal. After this round we had a little game in which we had to say a sentence and at the end of it, add a word of our own. We choose to say our name and we own a; ie. “I am Shobhit and i own a ….(will be filled by participant in alphabetical order)”. This was the last activity for the meeting. Time is again the villain cause we could not do stranger talk. We also forgot that latecomers had to sing a song.*sigh*

We took many idiotic pics which you can see in the whatsapp group. here we will post just “formal” ones only. Thus, we concluded our meeting. Although the meeting was ended, we knew that fun had not ended because we had Sharath and Kavish with us. Four of us(Dhanvant was also with us) were dared to do prank with people. We were the spectator while Sharath was the only participant. He was trying to sell an old used desk phone(we had from our theater props) to people just for 5rs. Even though this enormous effort no one bought phone from him. He also tried to rent badminton form a dad-daughter group to play. After this we went for some fish in the near canteen. Smell and fish both were bad of that canteen but it was good for the appetite. We discussed some more of here and their talks and then proceeded for our ways.


                             To join Bangalore SHG please contact Shobhit: 9990449976,

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  1. Sachin 2 years ago

    Wow! Loved the line “Why this happens that things which we are attached to are always throw us off our all guards and we return to our natural behavior.”. So true. At one time I too was very attached to Cure and Fluency. That was my chain, bondage and bane. I wanted to become “alright”. It took me some years to know that I was always “alright”. Just that desire was the obstacle, was holding me back.
    Your idiotic pictures are also welcome here. (Originally Greeks, meant “private citizen” by Idiot.)

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