Mysore SHG Meeting 3rd September 2017

It was a typical monsoon morning in Mysore, but thanks to nature, as the time for SHG meeting came close, sky became clearer. We met at Cheluvamba Park at 10:15am.
Coordinator: Suvadip
No. of participants: 3 (Deepesh, Deepak, Suvadip)

We started with introduction using prolongation. Next item was Relay Storytelling round, in which we instantly formed a story in mind and narrated it to rest of the people, and passed it to the next person, he/she starts from that point and continues. In this way it went upto 4-5 rounds. It was followed by meditation, which was mainly focussed on breathing. After doing 6mins of meditation, it was time for speech, topic was Your journey in life till now, what problems were faced by you, what were your strengths and weaknesses.

With this we concluded our Sunday morning session, and we encourage more people to join us in future weekend meetings, so that we can organise many other fun activities which will help gaining fluency.

We meet at Cheluvamba Park (opp. Akashvani) every Sunday at 10am.
Contact: Suvadip | 7022922043

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