Bangalore SHG Report 10 Sept 2017

This was my 4th coordinated meeting in Bangalore. We had storytelling event also by Fishbone Collective which was proceded by SHG meeting about which i will share the experience in a different post. So the meeting started at 11 today. We had with ourselves Nishil, Ranjit, Mahesh and Ankit along with one of my friend Anam. Shudhansu also joined in later some time. Our first activity after stretching was intoduction with fictious characters. You will know about this activity if you had been following the blogs. Anyway, after introduction, we discussed the technique Voluntary stuttering. We discuees why this plays a very important role in getting out of this desire of “cure”. We then voluntarily stammered on our real introduction.

Next Activity was Extempore, this week the topics were a bit weird but made people think at the same time. We all said about our topics and strangely noone exceeded their time limit this week: a happy incident. Sine this time we had two new people along with a non-stammerer, we decided to have a short session on techniques. We told bouncing and prolongation and asked new members to tell us how they come to know about TISA or SHG. Since many people were there who had not attended shg recently, i asked all of them to share there worst stammering experience. That attachment which i am trying to make people to be comfortable with is still present, it is now an elephant which is in the corner, which we are always trying very hard not to look at. To tame it, we have to talk about it and we are. Anam did not had her stammering experience so she talked about her anger issues. After this, to get out of the emotional state, we had a fun activity. We did last week activity once again in which we had to share our name and then a vehicle name in alphabetical order. This again told us that many of the times what we do it that we do not listen to others what thinking what we are going to say next. With that we dispersed our this weeks meeting.


Coordinators take:

  1. This week i missed to remind people to make use of techniques.
  2. The meeting went a bit unplanned due to which, sometimes i was losing the control of the meeting. even though i got it back.
  3. Rules were not implementer properly
  4. I believe meeting could have been better planned or could have been executed as planned. I guess i have gotten a bit relaxed.

With this note, Let me make a good plan fo  r next SHG. Till then have a good week people.


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1 thought on “Bangalore SHG Report 10 Sept 2017


    (September 11, 2017 - 9:57 pm)

    It is always difficult to strike a balance between letting people be spontaneous and offering them a minimal structure – in a group setting. But sometime, it is OK to not worry too much and let things unfold on their own. In fact, by conducting many such events month after month, I began getting an insight into my own nature: why does unstructured meetings trouble me? Why do I want to control these interactive processes? When I am comfortable, when I am not? Why? Over the years, I realised that dealing with others gave me my deepest insights into myself.
    So, think of all this as a grand preparation- for the day when Shobhit will know Shobhit at a deeper plane and flowers will rain from the sky!!

    Here is a video on group dynamics:

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