1 St SHG meet in Bhilwara

So , finally our first at meet is happened in Bhilwara , it might be for 15 minutes but it give us time to practice techniques and sharing our experience regarding stammering , with kavish mantri from Mumbai SHG team . We introduced each other then practiced techniques like bouncing , voluntary stammering , sometimes it’s better to start something  then doing nothing , that’s what I’m trying to do here bhilwara . 

  1. Sachin 3 years ago

    Bhupendra and Kavish- both of you are pioneers as you are doing something unusual, wonderful and noble. Helping others is the essence of TISA- and in the process, your own heart begins to open up (like a lotus), which got closed in childhood due to unfortunate events. This opening up of the heart is REAL cure.

    Wish I was there to hug you both!
    Keep reaching out to others who dont have many friends just because of stammering…

    • Author

      Hope sir one day every stammerer will be a best friend of each other …… And every city having such SHG to help people .?

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