SHG Experience of a person who doesn’t stammer

Last week i told you that i had gone to SHG with a friend. Here i am writing her experience of SHG.

“So my friend was going to this place for some SHG session for stammerers. I thought of accompanying him. Never had I imagined it could leave such an imprint in my heart. It made me think about so many things, made me realize about real struggle and people beautifully fighting it. The gentlemen in picture are no less than any inspiration and also the wake up call for all people in society who are insensitive towards fellow humans.These incredible men have speech issues. They can’t talk as fast as 97% of human population and as clear as them. On reaching there the first question I had in my mind was, Is this condition curable? ‘Not exactly’ was the response I could deduce from the discussion later :(. Now the idea is when this situation is not curable and we can’t do anything about it why this session. What’s the need? The answer was a big slap on my face being a non stammerer.Yes it still is. I felt choked when these guys were sharing their worst experiences. The way non stammerers make fun of them. All I could feel is how disgusting, discouraging and insensitive we are. We are the people who are impatient to hear a person. We are the people who laugh out loud in comic episodes making fun of someone’s struggle. I wonder the way we care of religious sentiments if we start caring about human sentiments we would never need such sessions. Ironically the session these are taking should be taken by the whole non stammerer society. Must be shoved in our minds and hearts. But till this idea is impossible all I can say is we need more of such sessions to at least train these beings that it is okay if they are a little late in their words, they are as fast as anyone in life and the universe can wait for their speech to finish. Kudos to the organisation for bringing such things to notice and also working on it efficiently.”


What the above exert made me realize that we always talk what worst has happened to us. This is because SHG in itself is a therapy but therapies also work in a positive terms. We can also talk about the beautiful people we have met on our journey who helped us in realizing that we do exist in spite of our stammering. We also have some good experiences. There was a teacher who always made me stand and read a chapter because he told i should do it no matter stammering or not. I remember a manager of a friend of mine made her attend client calls just so she can get out of that fear zone. Our friends who always accepted us and made fun of us as well. 😛 If this world consists of people who are insensitive, it also consists of people who are supportive.

Well, This also gave me an idea for our next SHG meeting. 🙂

I thank Anam for joining our SHG and writing her experience. We wait for the next time she joins our SHG.

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Post Author: Shobhit

2 thoughts on “SHG Experience of a person who doesn’t stammer


    (September 16, 2017 - 9:50 am)

    Good article . Worth sharing.

    Interesting take of Shobit on this. I too we are over sensitive with respect to our stammering.
    Hence we need to desensitize ourselves towards our stammering by doing voluntary stammering


    (September 17, 2017 - 6:38 pm)

    We have often been accused of talking among ourselves (“eco-chamber”). We should talk to “outsiders” too- That will help our awareness- as this example shows. Thanks everyone!

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