Sunday Laughter SHG Hangout Meet

So , finally writing a blog after conducting about 8 hangouts before today’s meet we are having engineers meet , vipasna session , Stammering interview , and today a Laughter Meet . As people who joined today’s hangout meet are ,

1. Sumit 2. Akshay 3. Harnesh 4. Manoj 5. Bhupendra 6. Mahendra

So our meeting started from 9 am . With introduction session. Then everyone shared their experience of week with Stammering. But this time their is some twist in story , we have to laugh on everyones experience , as we have two choices either cry and die  or laugh and live proudly with Stammering . So we choose 2nd choice . Where sumit told his bank experience, where everyone think he is in block and everyone think he is having some serious problem and called a doctor , harnesh shared his experiences with his girlfriend and his Stammering in front of her. Manoj also shared a incidence of police parade which make us all laugh . And finally I shared my experiences in Delhi and Ahemdabad that how I prefer to go from auto by 160 rs instead of going from brts bus by 9 rs just because of my fear and what I faced when I first time gone to Delhi and can’t able to ask that which metro will go to rk ashram so I can reach to natya ballet centre and meet Delhi SHG team. Everyone laughed a lot on my experiences. In the end we are having open sharing round in which mahendra shared a shayri , I too shared a poem name ” my dear crush “, and sumit shared his experience about today’s meet. And our meet end with laughter today . Today I understood instead of talking with people what they losses in life due to Stammering it’s better to make them laugh on what they have. Thanx tisa daily I’m learning something new from you.

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1 thought on “Sunday Laughter SHG Hangout Meet


    (September 18, 2017 - 9:54 pm)

    Yes, a good laughter transforms your perspective.

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