Bangalore SHG/Workshop Report 24 Sept 2017

I thought of starting this report by saying what an unusual SHG we had but when come to think, everything we do is not usual. This week’ SHG was more of a corporate training workshop rather than a stammering self help group. When I started from my place, I got message from Naman saying that he will not be coming. Now I knew there is only me who is going to manage this. I was excited for managing this event even if on such a small scale.

I reached the venue 15 mins prior to the event to arrange the place. Anupam was already there and Chirashree(I hope I am spelling correct here), for whom, it was her first SHG event, was also there. By 9:15 all the participant had arrived and we were ready to begin the workshop by Mubasshir. We stareted the workshop by a simple introduction by Mubasshir about his experience and profession. He has an eight years of experience in corporate training and total of 17 years of experience in various fields. I honestly want to congratulate ourselves that we have such helpful and experienced people in TISA and we are so lucky to arrange such a good workshop. After introducing himself, Mubasshir asked us to write an essay on “My Hero” which he checked and told what is expected in corporate and where there is points of improvement. He also told us about the errors which we make in writing english and not consider them too much but they prove to be critical. Post that we took a break for tea.

After tea break, we decided we should do interview skills because this is what the audience currently requires. We are a group of youngsters who are now giving a lot of interviews. In this session, Mubasshir told us a lot of points to be careful about while attending an interview. It’s not just about how you sit or speak but also where your hands and eyes are moving. Did you know that while creating something we tend to look right and to left while remembering. This is what Interviewers use to indentify who is lying. Today I got to know that there are three kinds of interviews also; Structured, Unstructured and Stress Interview. He gave us a brief introduction of each interviews. He then proceeded  to tell us about how our resumes should be and what we can omit from our CV as well as while introducing ourselves. We then did our own SWOT analysis. In this, we wrote down our mail Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. The idea was to have a 5 to 1 ration for strength to weakness. It’s really difficult to point out strength until someone articulates that.

After the interview session, we had the tips of GD. Mubasshir told us where normally everyone lacks in a GD or how one can get extra marks by initiating the GD or moderating it; how to be politically correct and not get agitated while doing this. This was the last activity for today’s workshop. After the workshop, we had Dr. Radhika with us, who is starting a petition to stop using stammering as a tool only to elicit laughter from the character even though it doesn’t play a single role in the story. She wanted to record some of our videos which she will upload on the facebook page. She is currently also planning to do one more press conference in Delhi similar to the done done in Bangalore. We all did a small 3 min interview with her which was the end of the meeting as well. Later we had lunch and did lot of chitchat regarding ways to speak more ie. speaking to Siri or using “Speech to text” tool to use what speech rate we should have.

In the end I would say that this was a very good and important session which we have done. I would like to thank Mubasshir for taking this session and impart his knowledge and experience to us. This had been a very fruitful for us and I hope people get lot of help from this. A very big congratulations to Radhika also for taking the initiative for talking stammering on a wider platform. I feel bad for the people who could not attend the meeting. We are waiting to continue this session next time also. Till then be happy and enjoy.


Participants(from left): Abhinav, Asim, Shobhit, Mubasshir, Chirsahree, Nishil, Tarun


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    (September 26, 2017 - 9:53 am)

    Thank you Mubasshir and Shobhit… This is what we need- more and more!

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