Mysore SHG Meeting, 23rd Sep 2017

Venue: Cheluvamba Park (opp. Akashvani)
Time: 11am

We started with a session of meditation, by paying attention to our breathing. Then had some general discussion on stammering and what difficulties stammerers face in their day to day life. Next, we did relay storytelling session, by selecting a topic on the spot and dragging it upto a certain point, this not only is beneficial for our speech but also squeeze out our verbal creativity at the same time. And with this we ended our meeting.

If anyone wants to join Mysore SHG meetings, please contact me on 7022922043 or

  1. Sachin 2 years ago

    I was reading “The English Teacher” by R K Narayan recently. His museum is there in Mysore. He is famous for Malgudi Days (and a lot more). Why not role play one of his stories, for a change, some day?

  2. Author
    Suvadip Ghosh 2 years ago

    Sir, Thanks for this idea.. Next day we will do a role-play.

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