Bangalore SHG Report 1 Oct 2017

We were 5 people at the start of the SHG and later Manoj joined us immediately after first activity. This week, we had Karthik, Shiva, Manoj, Vinay (All after a long time), me and Sudhanshu. We started SHG with a simple introduction round in which we were to talk about our professional activities also. We asked several questions to the person about his life or work. In this we also stated which technique we will be using throughout the meeting and asked people to remind when we are forgetting to use that.  Karthik told us about a style of speaking which he learned in Nimhans. That is drunken style. He told fully drunk, mid drunk, low drunk. Then we proceeded to the extempore round. Topics were quite easy this week so we did not struggle too much while speaking. Then we proceeded to a book reading session. we read from “Apna hath jagannath” for one minute and then passed it to next person.

After this, we proceeded to the fun activity which was as second last week. we formed a sentence and continued t o add a word alphabetically. I am happy to say that I was the undisputed winner 😛 of this activity. After that we took a pic and then concluded our meeting.

Next week, we are having a poetry reading session. Please come and enjoy a bit of poetry.

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    (October 2, 2017 - 10:27 pm)

    Thanks friends. At this rate, I might revise AHJ sooner than later!
    I had nice interaction in Chandigarh, with two people from Banglore – Mansi and …. (oh, my memory, alas!) – a very intelligent mechanical Engineer!

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