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UPDATES: We are beginning on 18th Nov, 8 am sharp. If you have fulfilled the entrance criteria (a video and the summary), and still have NOT received your class invite, please drop an email to sachin at ASAP.

To enroll for the next session, starting in the second half of November 2017, please drop an email to with subject line “mooc 2”. There is a screening process in place. First timers, under 30 years, will be given preference, especially those with good knowledge of English and with time commitment of at least two to three hours per week. Total duration is expected to be about 8-9 weeks.

Content: We will be exploring 1) What stammering is (medical, social, psychological perspectives) 2) Basic concepts and issues: Fluency versus communication; Cure versus Management; Acceptance Vs Giving up; Paid programs Vs Self-help.  3) What is self-help? Philosophical and historical roots.  4) Some popular self-help approaches  5) Road map exercise – path to recovery. 6) DIY assignments.  7) Mooc review 8) Google hangouts- to practice the four basic techniques (Bouncing, Prolongation, Pausing, Voluntary stammering) plus anything else that may come up for discussion.

Methodology:  Online discussion, self-video/audio recording, Q & A, MCQs for self-assessment, Collaborative reading of texts like “My Silent Pause” etc.

Certificate: You will get a pdf certificate if you complete all DIY assignments, score 50% in MCQs and attend at least half of the google hangouts.

Follow up: A 1-2 day workshop may be organized exclusively for MOOC students in some convenient location.

Faculty: Dr Satyendra Srivastava

Fee: Free

Three Coolest things you will learn about in this course:  1) “Spreading”  2) Video editing  3) Setting up Google hangout ?

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