Stuttering – My experiments with fear

(Received from Dr Tejpal, Chandigarh)

In a recently concluded National TISA Conference at Chandigarh, Anapana meditation was taught by Vipassana Teacher. Anapana meditation is a preliminary step of Vipassana meditation, which is widely practised by students in schools and by adults by jail staff and prisoners in many prisons all over India and abroad. Many state governments and private institutes are sending its employees for such Vipassana.

Fear is a common defilement of human beings. If we socialise this world, we can name it tension (both hypo and hyper).It is more prominent in the persons like us, those who suffer from strutting. We have fear from the person to whom we are talking and other members who are watching us.

When I was a college student, I used many techniques to overcome this fear. I used to speak in louder volume in lonely places. I also used to spend some time in dark and horror places in night. When I joined TISA, I was given many breathing techniques as a cure for fear. I certainly helped but fear used to crop up after certain time like a bush that re-appears in rainy season.

In 1993 I had done my first course in Vipassana. About a decade ago, I came in contact with TISA that started my cure. Due to practise of Vipassana, I understood the techniques of TISA in a better way and was 80% cured. I am extremely thankful to Mr Jasbir Singh from Chandigarh (TISA Volunteer) who introduced me to TISA.

It was only through Vipassana, that I could decrease my fear level at the root level. As and when my fear decreases, I do not have to make separate effort to check strutting. It is controlled naturally.

To attend Vipassana course, one has to surrender 10 days of his life for this technique where he has to learn in secluded place while remaining cut off from the rest of world. This is not possible to do for everybody. However, Anapan, the first lesson of Vipassana can be taught to everyone in just half an hour. And this was what that we experimented and at our TISA conference at Chandigarh; which conclude just yesterday that is A qualified Vipassana teacher gave Vipassna to about 60 students who practised it diligently for half an hour. Students of TISA also approached teacher through their questions on this technique. Those who could not learn Anapana or Vipassana, can log on to “Anapana meditation by SN Goenka” on You Tube.

It will be my noble endeavour to implement it in future conferences in India; for the benefit of many.


The writer of this article is Dr NK Tejpal (, a veterinarian at Punjab University Chandigarh.

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    (October 5, 2017 - 3:12 pm)


    Thanks for arranging the Anapan session for this year’s conference in Chandigarh. I feel everyone at TISA can learn a lot of deep concepts from Vipassana and you. It will be great to have such sessions in our future conferences.

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