Allahabad 1st SHG Meeting

It was our very first shg meet and i had to host it, we were total 5 members , at first everyone gave their short intro. Then we discussed about the TISA techniques i.e bouncing ,prolongation , pausing , some breathing exercises. Our 3rd activity was extempore round , so we all randomly took one slip containing the topic on which everyone had to speak for about 3 mins. Topics were like this :
Rohit – Imp of patience
Prakhar – parenting
Vivek- role of teachers in our life
Alok- effective ways of communication
Sumit (me) – positive thinkning.
Everybody spoke without fear and alok gave us an example of shri Narendra modi of being a good communicator, after this everybody got chance to share their feelings , what was going in their minds before while and after speech, feelings were somehow same all were shivering but after speech that feeling of fear was converted into pride that they spoke irrespective of the fact that they stammer and proved they are proud to be a stammerer . This meet was very satisfactory for all then we concluded our meet with selfie ?

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SUMIT PANDEY ( Allahabad , U.P.)

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