APNA HATH JAGANATH hangout series

TISA Virtual SHG started the hangout series of Book ” Apna Hath Jagannath ” in this series,  we discuss about chapters of Apna Hath Jagannath book , today we discussed about 1st chapter of the book . And one senior is with us to guide us Jasmeet sir from Chandigarh SHG team and various members from different part of India for one mission to understand concept of self help.

Questions and agenda of hangouts meet –

Time – 8 pm

Preface –
1. Is Tisa is substitute to Speech Therapy ?
2. What you need if you want to walk on self help path ?
3. What does self help require ?
4. How much time does self Help take ?
5. Do You stammer ? Did u accept this thing from bottom of ur heart.

2} Origin And Nature Of Stammering –
1. Origin of Stammering ? Why we stammer ?
2. What is transfluency?
3. What is avoidence ? When last time you avoid something because of Stammering ?
4. What is cure for Stammering meant for u ? Is it really possible ?
5.what is Dr. Sheehan’s iceberg analogy ?

GD –
You are changed , not by what you know , but what you do …….
Your opinions .

Time is fixed for every question – u will get 2 min. To answer , timer will be on

GD will be of 15 min. So write your points on paper and come with preparation .

Every Activity having marks , A person got highest marks will be winner .

Highest Scorer – NITIN GAUTAM

Star student –  Harman


Our next meet will be on next Sunday at same time so , those who want to learn about self help concept can join us @8pm on Sunday.



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