Bangalore SHG Report 8 Oct 2017

Let me start by apologizing for late report. I got busy in life and couldn’t gather enough time for the report. Anyway better late than never.

So let me start by admitting a feeling which came to me when i was starting from my home. I was going through whatsapp messages and in some message, someone has either shared an idea or commented on the SHG or somethign which i don’t remember now. He probably was a new member. Suddenly a feeling of arrogance start to cloud my thoughts that how can a new member comment on my way. Me, who is a very old member of TISA. However, thanks to the superpower of world I came to my senses in the next moment and realized that what the person was saying was actually another point of view. With this feeling I started from my home and reached Cubbon park at 5 minutes prior to 10.

We started SHG when we could not wait any longer and it was 10:45 now. It was me along with Shiva, Mohit and Ankit. Later Vinayak and Manoj also joined. We started the meeting with introduction. It was more of a discussion round on each person’s life rather than simple introduction. We introduced ourselves and then faced questions from the audience. I had recently started learning Kannada so I tried to introduce myself in Kannada. After introduction, we had extempore round. After introduction, we had poetry reading round. Last week, upon reading some cities’ SHG report, I encountered a very interesting way to be more comfortable with your speech. Record yourself and upload it on youtube. So here are the links of people readinf poetry either by thenselves or someone else.

Vinayak reading his poetry

Shiva Reading a poetry on life

Ankit reading poetry by Oscar wilde

Me(Shobhit) reading my own poetry

We do not have video of Mohit and somehow Manoj’s video could not be recorded. Apologies to them for this.

With this we planned what we will do in next meeting and then concluded.


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