Road Map – Life Starts when you start thinking beyond stammering

Actually I’m a person who suffered a lot mentally due to stammering . As I have a habit that ” someone other will do my work ” nowadays I’m trying to change this habit . As once I came out my stammering mindset , I turn pages of my life and get to know there is yet to achieve a lot in life , enjoy a lot in life . I didn’t done anything special till , actually I didn’t know what I studied in past years . Yes I admit stammering affected my life alot , but I can’t forget it teached me to live me life in my 20s and yes I’m still learning . And for me stammering is gift of God to me. So , now what are my plans as I know now stammering is no more a big problem for me , it’s time to concentrate on my career . I just mailed sachin sir about my problem of psychotic break and internet addiction . He shared some amazing blogs , I loved them to read . And he told if you have dare so, put a road map on so I’m doing so .

From 16 October to 16 December

1. I will not pick my phone when I will wake up .

2.just I will fix 1 hrs to use my phone

10 pm to 11 pm

3. I will engage in table tennis and Basketball and badminton to use my timing in better way.

4. Instead of using mobile phone I will engage my time in reading Novels. As it’s my hobby.

5. I will fix my timing of waking up in morning – 5 am and will go to bed at 11 pm.

As this stammering made me a overthinker it’s time to calm down myself with engaging myself with real people instead of virtual world of internet . It’s time for change my attitude . And again it’s a time to being social and see this world through new goggles . As I will say ” stammering toh h hi life me , ab uske age dekho …..kisi ko fark nhi padta aapki stammering se ” so just do what you love most to do in your life . That’s it , Ha sachin sir ” h himmat khud ko badlne ki , khud ko behatar banane ki ”  and I will write a blog again after 2 months that what change came in my life after doing this things . Thanks again sir.


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1 thought on “Road Map – Life Starts when you start thinking beyond stammering


    (October 15, 2017 - 1:32 pm)

    Well done. Hope you achieve whatever you desire. Keep us posted.

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