Mysore SHG Meeting 15th Oct’2017

Venue: Cheluvamba Park, Mysore

Ningappa and I met today morning at 10AM to discuss few things that could be done to spread awareness about stammering in our society. So we came up with an idea to visit nearby schools and talk to the principals and teachers to spread awareness that how children in schools face difficulty in their speech and how they can be supported and inspired so that they can overcome the stigma, because its okay to stammer but most of the time people who are unaware make fun of stammerers because its funny, no doubt. But the victim suffers from the feeling of shame and looses interest in speaking up. We are hoping to start the campaign to visit nearby school from next weekend, one school per day after SHG meeting.
Tomorrow members from our SHG is going to represent for a show on a local channel at Aakashvani, Mysore to spread few words about TISA and its SHGs.

Due to low count of members, we could not organize the fun activities today, and so concluded with a click (below)

If you stutter, you are most welcome. We are here to discuss. Very friendly and supportive environment, charge no fees and meet on Sunday mornings.

Contact: Suvadip – 7022922043 –

Its okay to pause. Just take a breath…


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