Mumbai SHG Meeting-15/10/2017

Total members present: 11
Nikhil, Dhruv, Aakash, Bhavana, Jai Prakash(Who joined us verrrrrrrrrrry late due to his college and Mumbai Megablock), Sandesh, Saurabh, Akash, Vishal and two new members Dhinesh and Mohammad…. 🙂

Meeting Manager: Nikhil
Meeting time:2.30 PM to 6.00 PM (As usual haklate haklate time extend ho gaya.. LOL).
Venue : YMCA Ghatkopar, Pant Nagar, Mumbai

Meeting started with quick introduction round (Name, place, occupation and hobbies)
Nikhil explains Iceberg model to newcomers and we had the small questionnaire.

We introduced TISA to newcomers and make them aware of basic rules about TISA like

  • Acceptance
  • stammer freely
  • avoid giving advice to anyone
  • be a good listener, never interrupt anybody while he/she is talking
  • TISA don’t support or promote anyone who claims to cure stammering

Calling justdial /customer care:
We created the group of 3 or 4 for this activity.
Nightmare isn’t it?? To call customer care or to call justdial to inquire about something. We did this today …yayyyyyyy
we irritate customer care or justdial without hesitating and we were not in hurry to end call really.. 😛 till the time, Nikhil reminds us about time.LOL. Today even I realized if you stammer confidently without hesitating, the person next to you will surely listen to you.

Bhavana Talking to Justdial

Dhruv Talking to Custaomer care in HINDI .. 🙂

Mohmmad Talking to JustDial

Learning/implementing Techniques:
Prolongation: Lengthening or prolonging the first syllable of word like aaaaaaaaaaappple, Mmmmmmuuumbai

Interview using prolongation:
we created two-two people groups for the telephonic interview purpose. we took the interview of each other.

Dhruv taking interview

Gentle onset: In this technique, one will try to utter initial syllable smoothly without putting any type of pressure.

Interview using Gentle onset:
we again created two-two people groups for the telephonic interview purpose. we took the interview of each other.

using whole YMCA ground while taking interview.. LOL

Click here for call recording

It was very fruitful meet, each one gets equal time to talk and to practice technique.

We discuss ISAD (International Stammering Awareness Day) and decided to celebrate ISAD at National Park Borivali.

For more details click Here



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