An interview of Mysore SHG with All India Radio on ISAD 2017

Venue: Akashvani Mysore
Recorded on: 16.10.2017
Broadcast on: 22.10.2017
Channel: 100.6FM

Hello peeps, hoping everyone is doing well with their lives. Today is International Stammering Awareness Day (or ISAD) and its our duty to spread some special awareness on this special occasion. Four members from Mysore SHG were invited for an interview last Monday which was ON AIR today on 100.6FM at 8:35 in morning.
The team of four, Deepesh, Deepak, Sneha and Ningappa represented very well. They have been asked questions like what is stammering, how does it affect one’s personal lives.
Interviewer wanted to know if they got enough support in school, or being teased, how did it affect education or self-confidence, if any. Our team answered all questions, different individual have their own different stories and all are very common to a stammerer.
Then discussion moved towards TISA, how and when did this NGO came in their lives or they became a part of it. Guys expressed their first encounter with TISA and shared whatever they knew about the group. Acceptance. Techniques like, proper breathing, prolongation, bouncing, etc.
Last but not the least, Awareness! Interviewer asked about awareness, how do they spread it. They told about the WhatsApp and facebook groups, they add new people when someone wants to join the group and organise Workshops every 3-4 months and National Conference once in a year.
The interview concluded and the recording (in Kannada language) has been shared to TISA WhatsApp groups.

Special Thanks to Akashvani Mysore for taking this thing forward.

Note: This report was narrated to me by Ningappa. [Thanks buddy]

If anybody who stammers want to brush up your communication skills, feel free to contact us:
Ningappa – 9743964178
Suvadip – 7022922043

Wish you all a Happy International Stammering Awareness Day
Its okay to pause. Just take a breath…


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