Mysore SHG Meeting 22nd Oct’2017

Venue: Cheluvamba Park, Mysore
Time: 10am

This Sunday is a special day for PWS at TISA, since its International Stammering Awareness Day today. The meeting started around 10am and coordinated by Ningappa.
With Deepesh, Deepak and Ningappa one new member, Ranganath joined our Mysore SHG family. They had an introduction round followed by discussion about their past week experiences and work life balance. Then they had a discussion on SWOT Analysis for handling day to day activities more efficiently. Meeting concluded with a selfie.

Deepak, Ranganath, Ningappa, Deepesh (left to right)

If you stutter, you are most welcome. We are here to discuss. Very friendly and supportive environment, charge no fees and meet on Sunday mornings.
Contact: Ningappa – 9743964178

Wish you all a Happy International Stammering Awareness Day
Its okay to pause. Just take a breath…

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