Mumbai SHG Meeting-08/10/2017

Total members present: 10
Tarun,Bhavana,Prachi,Ashu also known as Ashok..:P,Kavish,Prakash,saurabh.Vishal,Prashant

Meeting Manager: Tarun
Meeting time:2.30 PM to 5.30 PM
Venue: YMCA Ghatkopar, Pant Nagar, Mumbai


It was first meet after National Conference. Meeting started with sharing the weekly experience or national conference experience.

Movie/Story Telling:
Each one of us narrates movie story. This activity helps us to think and to organize thoughts properly as it was our responsibility to convey message/story to listener properly.
It was great activity indeed. Few videos are attached below:

Ashu Sharing Newton’s story

Saurabh Sharing Story

Prashant Sharing Story

Vishal Sharing Story

Rajesh Sharing Story

Kavish Sharing Story

Debate: Love Marriage vs Arrange Marriage
LOL…. A big lol… what an experience. Such an interesting and controversial topic isn’t it?… The question is still open. let us know in the comment which one would you prefer love Marriage or Arrange Marriage? 😉

Promoting Love marriage group

Promoting arrange marriage group

Sonu Back again:
I don’t know why but we gain sung sonu song… This time only I (Bhavana)was there to sing sonu sonu so I was little afraid to get stammer but then I recall it’s song’s demand to stammer.. 😛 .. :P.. I stammer and didn’t happen anything.. 🙂 :).. as it’s not the crime to stammer..LOL

Sonu Returns


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