Bangalore SHG Report 22 Oct 2017

Before I tell you what we did this week in the SHG, let me tell what we did a day before. Few weeks back, A guy named Ranji invited us for the play. It was a playback theatre in which what they do is to ask people about their life and then try to depict then on the stage. On the start of the show, They asked us to meet and greet each other. We get to meet a lot new people. Then they asked to share story. Naman Shared his story of how he just resigned from the job and now thinking of starting his own venture. They performed it in an abstract way so that everybody can relate to it. It was a very good experience.

Now coming to the SHG, The meeting started at 1045 when Naman, Ankit and I had reached the small hut.  We shifted to the big hut because of the crowd at small hut. We started of with an introduction and a good thing that has happened last week. Then we proceeded to have extempore. Till the end of it shudhanshu, Sharath and vinayak has also joined us. Then we recorded some of our videos to be sent to Bhupendra for he is creating a vidoe will some peolpe. Still that needed to be uploaded. Then, based on the last day, i tried to have an activity in which we have to share what we are saying not by words but gestures. It didn’t turn out quite the way I planned it but It was a great fun activity.

Then we had planned some fin activity not related to stammering but just fun. Sharath leaded us through the activity. It was mental as well as physical exercise for all of us. This was the end of the meeting.


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