Allahabad SHG 3rd Meeting – Report

Participants- Prakhar , Vivek, Rohit , Anil , Sumit.

Our todays meet was based on bouncing technique , we practiced over it very nicely. We started with sharing our prior weeks expirience , then introduction using bouncing properly ( with chest high , smile and eye contact ) .

In 3rd activity we had to say ‘ Mai haklata hun ‘ with bouncing while trying different variations & we did it very sportingly .

In 4th activity we had a story round where one person had to add 2 lines in the story , this was the most funniest round .

By the end we all understood the need and importance of bouncing .

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  1. Shobhit 2 years ago

    Great to see Allahabad shg….
    try to add more activities…. it will be fun

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