Bangalore SHG meeting report 29/10/2017

From longtime I got the opportunity to coordinate SHG meeting. When Shobit asked in what’s app group who want to coordinate this weekend meeting. I suddenly raised my hand. But after sometime, I thought what I did. Now I have to coordinate and ask people to come. I was lazy enough or maybe I was in my comfort zone. Then second thought came okay you took the flag in your hands now you have to lead, there is no other option for step back. So, I wrote a mail with agenda,
(Intro, sharing and talking with strangers).

As I told many times in the meeting (Hobbies) “I like cricket!” I had a cricket match on Sunday. But I committed for leading SHG meeting.

I reached Small hut and Anupam and Vinay (and his mother) was sitting. I joined little late to the meeting. And we started our round. Then one by one crowd was increasing. We joined 3 after 11am increased by 7 members. From left to right (Sharath, Akash, Subhranshu, Anupam, Asim, Dhanvantra, Vinay).

First activity we started with introduction. In which members have to give their intro as well as tell their future goals. That round went almost till 11:45pm. After we jumped on sharing round. What you want to share this is the best place to speak, if someone needs suggestion or feedback then the other members can help.

Anupam shared some thoughts that how he can’t rid of some bad habits even he does yoga and meditation but somehow he is not able to stop him from that bad habit.

Asim was not able to focus in his studies well and he is on his way to find the direction.

Dhanvantra told us he is stuck on some words while talking to MLAs in crowed areas.

Vinay was happy with his life he doesn’t have any problems.

Subhranshu shared that some is not going good in his office.

Sharath told us that some days he is having fight with his mother for small things.

Akash I shared I don’t have a good manager and I’m wasting my time in that company.

This round went very well. And some guys need suggestions and help on their present situations. After all the meeting end up with a game, which Sharath came up with.

After meeting Anupan, Asim and me went for lunch.

(While I was asking for ticket at metro station for “Trinity station”, I stuck but I didn’t feel any guilt or something). I think this is the power of SHG. Where ever you stammer, “Haklao magar pyar se” :-p .



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  1. Shobhit 2 years ago

    Very nice Akash. Seeing you getting out of your comfort zone. Leading Shg does take out a different person in you…..

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