Mumbai SHG Meeting And October Birthday Celebration-29/10/2017

Total members present: 10

Mumbai SHG

Dhruv(Half.. :P),Bhavana,Prachi,Gaurav,Suresh RajPurohit,Jayesh Foka,Vishal,Nikhil Iyer,Jayesh Patil

Meeting Manager: Nikhil Iyer

Host Bhai-Nikhil .. 😛

Meeting time:2.30 PM to 5.30 PM

Venue: YMCA Ghatkopar, Pant Nagar, Mumbai


Meeting started with the introduction and with basic ground rules of TISA.

We went to flashback and shared our childhood mischievous stories. We came to know very interesting stories of each other like how Dhruv broke his television set and how because of Gaurav one place in his apartment is forbidden from children and much more.

Slow Speaking Technique:

Calling justdial /customer care:
We created the group of 2 people.
Nightmare isn’t it?? To call customer care or to call justdial to inquire about something. We did this today …yayyyyyyy
we irritate customer care or justdial without hesitating and we were not in hurry to end call really..

Nikhil Conversation With JustDial

Face to Face Interview:

We changed our partners and practice for F2F interview. It was fruitful round for everyone.


Nikhil has planned housie for us. We enjoyed a lot. Gaurav did full Housie(Isn’t he lucky??),, who was claiming he is the most unlucky person for that game. SHG made Gaurav lucky…LOL

Playing Housie


October Birthday Celebration:

Mumbai SHG decided to celebrate Birthdays of TISA friends at the end of each month. This month i.e October Bhavana,Prachi,Jayesh, etc. were having  birthday in October so we cut the cake and spread happiness…. cake was yummmmmmmmm

Before Attack

After Attack by Mumbai SHG

October Birthday Celebration

One last pic .. 🙂

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  1. shobhit 2 years ago

    Great Meeting….:)

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