Bangalore SHG meeting report 05/11/2017

I have seen in SHG, again members were enthusiastic to join the meeting and eager to speak. They were excited to be on stage and apply some techniques. I would like to thanks Shobit who is doing great job for coordinating SHG.

As usual our meeting starts with Introduction round. Then our coordinator(Shobit) came up with a round which we are all pws fear of that. “Telephonic round” in which we have to call any customer care. We were divided in groups, of two members. In which one person take a video while other person is on phone. I personally feel like; this activity gave me much confidence to speak on phone easily and with no fear.

Next we started our best part of the meeting impromptu speech round. This is a best part because you don’t have any preparation on the topic and in 2-minute of time frame you have to express and conclude it. I was observing most of members were not taking their time to think, they even wait for 5-8 seconds and then speak. They were rushing like anything.
I have learnt all those techniques from Dinesh and Abhinav. If you observe them they are taking their time to speak.

After this we jumped no our final round. I don’t know the exact name. But I can say it’s a kind of word chain round. In which we have to add some eatables with alphabets. Like “I’m going to eat apple”, next person “I’m going to eat apple with banana” … etc ends with letter Z :-p . It was very interesting round and we laughed too much in this round.

Members who joined this time:

Hitesh, Sunil, Mustafa, Abhinav, Soma, Akash, Dhanvan, Subhranshu, Asim, Himanshu.



Bangalore SHG 05/11/2017

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  1. Shobhit 2 years ago

    You didn’t mention the part when we had fun calling stammering cure center…. 😛
    By the way… Good report

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