Allahabad SHG 4th Meet – Report

Participants- Anil gupta, Rohit, Sumit Pandey.

Today we were only 3 members of our small hakla gang but we didn’t lacked in our energy..
We started with long introduction i.e. Name ,about family , education , our aim etc .

Then we had our previous weeks expirience sharing round where try to monitor our speech and communication skill in the following week .

After it we had poem reciting round , a nightmare for me . Here we got the benefit of few people so we had more time , we practiced on poem several times .

Everybody liked previous shg’s activity of Story making , so we did that too…

At last we had Ice breaking round i.e. open session to bring out our emotions , something which we want to share but didnt cause of any reason. This round really breaks the ice .

( I also gave Rohit a chance to host our meet, he did pretty well👌. )

Sumit pandey


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