Bangalore SHG Meeting Report 19 Nov 2017

Each meeting comed with a different challenge; sometimes it’s less number of people and sometimes a lot of people, sometimes we all are old members but sometimes majority consists of new faces only. However, each meeting is in itself an opportunity to learn, to grow and explore what new can be added. This week’s SHG started with 5 members in which two of them were new and attending the SHG for the first time. We started off with simple introduction and new members also told how they came to know about TISA. We had Rahul also with us who came after a long time. After introduction, we introduced new members to the techniques and asked them to use it throughout the meeting. We then had impromptu round in which we decided to give some hard topic because speaking on simple topics has all become too easy for us.

After Impromptu, as i has told in the meeting that i will be giving my first prepared speech, i delivered it. It was my introduction from my birth till now. Since there was no one to judge, i got it recorded and will be judging it myself After the Prepared speech, we had a round again where we were to share a good or bad experience of life, not necessarily be related to stammering. Mostly all of us had worst experience related to stammering or we might have just felt it to vent in the company of like-minded. However, one thing to notice is that we become so loquacious when we get a stage to speak and people to listen. In the meanwhile, we had Mubasshir  also with us for the meeting. We closed our meeting after the last round but stayed because we had a graphologist with us. Mubasshir analyzed our writing and mentioned also where we can improve. This meeting ended with clicking a pic.



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    Good to see .i want to join this grp.pls help me.

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