First week of feb in Bangalore SHG – 04-02-2018

  • Its the first week of February,and our group met at the big hut in Cubbon park.
    Myself Ravi and Karthik started off at 10.30 AM and were joined by Mohit and Sudhanshu and a flying visit by Animesh.


We started off with brief Introduction about ourselves

Brief about profession:
We know usually which company our friends work with, but have little or no idea what exactly do they do there ( same thing with my family – no one has any clue what i actually do in IT). In this round we went into the nitty-gritty details of what we work on and how complicated or mundane it is. What is the job role, responsibility we handle over there. Pretty interesting stuff came out here.

Prepared Speeches :

Ravi and Nishil had prepared speeches for this week

Ravi – History – deception, World War 2
Nishil – IPFS ( Interplanetary FileSystem)

We were joined by Mohit and Sudhanshu meanwhile.
Mohit, Sudhanshu and Karthik narrated incidents in past few weeks.

Mohit shared his experiences while he was away from SHG – Passion for cricket has kept him restless and on his toes.
Sudhanshu has just shifted to a new house and dealing with all the minor headaches that come along with it.
Karthik is doing  his PG and shared an bad experience in correcting his birth Certificate.

Joke of the day :
Throwing punches is easier then throwing punch lines for PWS. To tackle this we had a small activity to share few jokes each. This tested the timings of the sentences and the knack of cracking jokes. I think with more practice and we can aspire to be stand-up comedians someday, who knows.

Impromptu Speeches:
We next ventured into our trademark impromptu speeches for a quick test of our creative side. 2 Mins each speaker gives the next topic.

Open Chat:
We spent half an hour discussing current affairs, budget ( Mohit was kind enough to share just the required info from the 3 hr long budget and filter it in 5 mins for us), we chatted about hobbies skill sets, stocks , crypto currencies
novels etc.

Feedback and Goals:
We had a open feedback for each individual on his strengths, secondary symptoms and which technique they were using or not using. Ravi and myself have started working on our goal of prepared speeches, 1 down and many more to come 🙂

After this we had a group pic( attached above) and parted out separate ways after telling bye to our four legged companions in Cubbon Park.





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