The Scary Block…!

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Today I went to a medical store nearby my home to buy medicine for my mother, as she was suffering from toothache for the past few days. When I reached the store I tried to ask the man at the counter- “Bha……………………………………”. I was just trying to say “BHAYA THODA DAATH DARD KI DAVA DE DENA” but I was totally blocked and struggling to say this. That time I was accompanied with a friend. I signaled him to complete my sentence, and he said what I wanted to say. This thing is making me feel very very down. Please friends tell me what should I do and how can I become poised while speaking.

~ Pankaj Pandey

  1. Satyendra Srivastava 1 year ago

    Go out and have an ice cream poor masala dosa… celebrate! You blocked! Wow! Smile.
    Change your feelings about this whole thing. This is what you can do without any help from any one, any therapist. Try. Keep sharing.

    • Pankaj pandey 1 year ago

      Yeah sir today I again went to the same medical store and talk with that man about stammering. Tisa is great

  2. Just forget it whatever happened . Go out with friends , Host a Hangout meet , share it with TISA friends. And move on , don’t bother about past , you have excellent gift of God so called as ” present ” .

  3. Atul Singh 1 year ago

    Bro, firstly congratulate yourself. You now have an inspiring incident to tell others afterwards. Remember, Hritik roshan, Emily blunt, Winston Churchill and all of us in TISA and other pws have or will face such incidents, that’s what makes us SPECIAL than others ordinary and so called normal people.
    So rejoice and as told by sachin sir have an ice cream the one you like most.

    As far as blocks are concerned read AHJ and connect to any of our Coordinators or core team member, we will be happy to assist you on controlling and mastering the blocks.

    And yes keep writing about you experiences. 👍

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