Bangalore SHG Meeting Report 18 Feb 2018

This week we started off the meeting with prepared speeches, common faces all around made this possible

Prepared Speeches :
Ravi – The circumstances of World War 2
Asim – Message to my fellow Country Men
Jonali – Religious Beliefs
Nishil – Formation of Linguistic states of India
Sudhanshu – Checklist for Flat bookings in Bangalore

Feedback on speeches:
The feedback consisted of : making notes on the secondary symptoms and grammar of the speech, eye contact and clarity of speech.
Overall the general feeling was that with each speech being delivered in SHG, the confidence of the speaker is increasing.
This in turn improves communication.Speech techniques were not strictly adhered to, and this was one sore point to be taken care
of, for the upcoming weeks.

Recap of previous Week:
We traversed our short term memory lanes and recapped our past week.
Asim had enjoyed his visit to his native(UP), Sudhanshu was caught up with his daily routine and planning 2018 work items
in office, Jonali was occupied in giving interviews for the whole week , Ravi was committed to his job and didn’t get a break from his work and Nishil was fiddling around with stocks, novels and treats.

Impromptu Speeches:
We had a quick round of pick and speak, we did it with comfortable ease. Sigh, need to prepare tough topics next week.
SHG folks are used to general topics and i see no hesitation in speaking.

Group Discussions:
Is it better to have child marriage?
This question was put up for discussion and we concluded with few points. Mainly as child marriage is a banned practice it is not viable.
Getting married early(legal age) may be helpful as it give more time for the couple and puts responsibility early on their shoulders.
On the other side getting married in mid age gives the person more opportunities to pursue his or her career without
having much responsibility on personal front.

It was already 12.50 and the troop dismissed themselves for the day. Thanks for reading !


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  1. Sachin 1 year ago

    Thank you Nishil! Great details! Keep it up!

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