Bangalore Shg Meeting Report 25-02-2018

It was a bright Sunday morning in Cubbon park, Bangalore shg was strengthened by one more
new member – welcome Karthikeyan.
Naman, Myself and Karthikeyan chatted for sometime and we began the meeting at 10.30 AM

We had experienced members in the rest of the fold.
From left : Karthikeyan, Asim, Naman, Keshav, Teja, Nishil

Introduction :
We started with our introduction , with basic ingredients like name, place of work, hobbies.

Impromptu Speeches :
Next was the time to speak on the topic laid in front of us. We started with telling the technique / method
which we were going to employ in our talk. Each one of us spoke well on the given topics

Modern Military Alphabets:
Teja conducted a 20 minute session on the Modern Military alphabets which also called NATO Alphabets.
He shared his experience of using these to spell out his name in client calls and how will it help us.
We did a outdoor activity and called out our names from 100 ft afar. We were split into groups of 2 people each.
We screamed our names to our counterpart amidst general population in cubbon park – talk about gettting conscious!!!! haha
After the initial discomfort we totally enjoyed the experience and shared it.

We re-introduced our introduction but with a twist, teja wanted to see what emotions can we conjure up.
We did laughing intro, angry intro , singing intro etc – a total fun filled intro session

Incident Sharing/Prepared Speech:
Teja – Travel , Teja reminisced his solo trip over to Himachal , Dehli and the peaks of Himalayas
Keshav – Struggles , Keshav shared the challenges he faced in his journey.
Asim – Journey of choosing MBA, Asim told us his challenges before he joined MBA college and moved
to Bangalore.
Karthikeyan – His first sharing in SHG , Karthikeyan shared his journey with stammering in SHG, and his expectation from SHG
and himself going forward.
Naman – Naman , the proponent of bouncing shared his Experience with SHG and TISA. He started with his first meeting in Mumbai
and how he has grown in TISA and the role SHG played in shaping him up to be a confident and assertive speaker.
Nishil – Next disruptive product/platform in Tech – Ethereum

Stammering is a blocker for career path – Discussion
Keshav brought a nice topic for discussion , does stammering hamper career growth? we discussed over the topic and general opinion was that
there is no substitute to skill and hard work. But proper communication does play a role in higher positions for which we need to improve our communication and overcome(manage) our stammering. We need to make use of the available opportunities and grow.

We had audio recorded and shared with each individual for “Incident Sharing/Prepared Speech” – Analyzing this would bring us closer
to the voice we portray to the rest of the world. Audio feedback provides an excellent way to know our strengths and weakness.

It was already 12.50 and we greeted each other once more before parting ways





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  1. Satyendra Srivastava 1 year ago

    I must say shgBLR keeps bringing in new, interesting and creative elements in their meeting! This is exactly what is required of the leaders, facilitators every where. This ensures everyone grows and has fun too!

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