Bhopal Workshop feedback By Girish Santani

Bhopal tisa workshop was my first tisa workshop..I really enjoyed the whole workshop and every activity of workshop..whole workshop was above my expectations… I learned the basic meaning of acceptance and other exercises to control stammering… Before this workshop I was hiding my stammering problem every time ,but after attending this workshop I have learnt to accept my stammering.
In this workshop I have got new responsibility to become coordinator of Bhopal shg..
Small talk session with Sachin sir and Harish sir was really inspiring.
Session of vipasna was also good and it help to control our anxiety and will make mind relax and stress free.
I like to thanx Amit sir and abhinav sir to organize and coordinate this wonderful workshop…I will like to attend more workshops like this…thank u tisa for helping every individual like me to overcome stammering mindset!!

Girish santani

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  1. Satyendra Srivastava 2 years ago

    Good Girish!
    If you all meet even once a 15 days, it will give you a chance to practice and feel motivated by each other.. Think of it as a service to yourself and others…

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