Grand SHG in Bangalore – 04-03-2018

Penning down the events that unfolded on the 4th of March,

L to R –> Asim, Rueben, Ankit, Joshua, Dhanvan, Dinesh, Rohit, Keshav, Harsh, Soma, Rahul, Shreyas,  Abhinav, Hari, Nishil

I feel blessed in many ways to get to interact with such bright vibrant folks in TISA.
This Sunday, the first week of march, spring is in full swing and we were making our presence felt in Cubbon park.

We were conducting a grand SHG this week and new members got a chance to interact with old members of SHG , Thanks to Dinesh for lighting the match.

This was not like our regular meets , sure we had introduction as regulars but we were much eager to know more about each other.
We were a batch of 15 members so we split into 2 groups of 7/8.
We shared our struggles with our fellow pws and learned about the methods we use to tackle stammering.

The people who gathered here are from different backgrounds and the knowledge and experience they bring to the table is priceless.
We have a kick boxing instructor in a group who learnt self defense as a means to gain confidence! Singers, bloggers, research scholars,
IT , working professionals, students, graduates , SHG has become a melting pot in which we share our struggles in our own fields and  share our victories and defeats in minor battles.

We all realize that only few battles are over but the war is still there and we need to fight and win it in the end. This gathering showed us
that the old guns are blazing and will continue to do so. The young one’s are setting their feet on their ground. TISA/SHG provides the fertile land for a pws to come out in the open and express himself/herself freely.

It was already past 1 but the folks stayed put. All the 15 members were busy networking and no one was in a mood to go away.
We all planned a lunch in a nearby hotel(garam naram dhaba), After a heavy meal of paranthas, roti sabzi and lassi we departed
our own separate ways.

Few pics of the grand SHG meet

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  1. Rajkumar 2 years ago


  2. Satyendra Srivastava 2 years ago

    It is always a joy to read a SHGBLR post here… because it is so obvious that they are enjoying what they are doing! As this meeting proves, one pws has a lot to share with other pws. I did not say “teach” – because that may have patronising air about it. In any case teaching is useless unless learning too takes place. And learning happens a lot more in such informal settings where pws are just meeting, talking and having good time… This is truly what inspired, and continues to inspire TISA: Learning without teaching! Sharing without hierarchy…

    When are you guys staging your next show?

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