We change by what we do not by what we think – Sunday SHG Meeting

We have a hangout meet on the topic how to cope up on negative feelings regarding stammering and fill our mind with positivity . We used apna hath jagganath book to know how to bring positivity and positive thoughts in our brain . Actually I’m going through AHJ book and read a quote ” you don’t change by what you think , but by what you do ” and this gave me the solution that why I’m thinking so low because I’m consuming my more time in thinking and attaining no shg meet from past few months . So I decided to again start shg hangouts meet as a stammerer always needs support system whenever he feels low . And meeting on Sundays and expressing our feelings give us a relief . So , yet there is alot to learn , as journey is more enjoyable than destination . But finally one member Tanuj called me few days back that he accept he stammer still he lives in depression so , I got to know . When we just think and don’t do anything so , it creates anxiety and depression . So having regular interaction will help everyone in long run .

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