Report of Hangout Conducted on 07/04/2018.

We had organized an online hangout on 07-04-2018 as part of regular Saturday hangouts. The agenda of the hangout was:-
Round 1. Introduction round with voluntary stammering.
Round 2. My favorite non-fiction book and key message from the book using the pausing technique.
Round 3. An inspirational quote which gives me strength in difficult times using bouncing.
Round 4. Singing my favorite song.
Report of hangout conducted on link 1 (Prepared by host Dr. sweta):
The hangout was participated by 9 participants.
We started with introduction round with voluntary stammering. All of the participants were from different parts of India with various professional backgrounds. It was really inspiring to see all PWS excelling in various academic fields and professions.
The second round was most informative and inspiring. We discussed our favorite non-fiction book with the use of the pausing technique. We got the key message from books ranging from business, spirituality, Gandhiji to stammering. Many participants noted the name of books which they found interesting so they can also read the same.
Due to a large number of participants and without time limit for an individual person, we could finish only 2 rounds. We will be publishing rules with hangout announcement from next time onwards for better time management.
Report of hangout conducted on the link 2 (Prepared by host, Mr. Satyajit):
We all completed all the rounds well. I am sure, along with a chance to use the techniques, we also have learned some new things, as everyone shared about different books and different inspirational quotes. Sachin Rajput sang his favorite song very beautifully, which increased the charming of the moment. Others also sang their favorite songs. At last, I asked if there was any question. M.K. Harsh from Bhopal asked that his stammering is high. So how he should deal with that. I just told him that stammering is not defined as high or low. First one has to accept his/her stammering. One also can do voluntary stammering with strangers, which is very useful in this context. Also one can start meditation to relax his/her mind, so as to handle the situations easily. Further, Sachin Rajput also gave an example by sharing one of his experiences to convince that there is no high or low Stammering. And after that, we had come to an end of the session.
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  1. Satyendra Srivastava 2 years ago

    Hangouts are very affordable and convenient. More and more pws should be using it to practice communication and to have a very broad based social life! Tisa volunteers are doing a great service by organising these hangouts…..

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