Report of Gurgaon SHG Conducted on 08/04/2018.

It is giving me immense pleasure that we had organized Gurgaon SHG first time in Gurgaon. Stammerers across Gurgaon participated in this meeting. Below are list of Participants


  1. Rajeev Kumar
  2. Gurinder Singh
  3. Rajinder
  4. Anuj


Meeting Star Time: 5:15 pm

Meeting End Time : 6:45 pm


Agenda of Meeting


  1. Meditation: We started our meeting with 2 minutes meditation.


  1. Introduction & Principles of TISA: We shared here principles of TISA and why it has been formed


  1. Technique Sharing: We refreshed TISA techniques like Bouncing, Pausing, Prolongation, Acceptance, Volunteer stuttering


  1. Impromptu Speech: We have participated in impromptu speech by using TISA Techinque. Maximum time allocated was 2 minutes and minimum time was 1 minute.


  1. Round Robin Speech: We created a story in round robin way and each one used TISA technique.


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