Stammering Awareness Week – Day 1 Contributions

What if I’m not a stammerer?

What if I am not a stammerer?
I feel lucky to be a stammerer.
Life throws challenges on me everyday.
Sometimes I cry, Sometimes I try,
Even sometimes, I get fry.

But what if I’m not a stammerer?
My lifef will be boring.
No one given strange expression when I speak,
I will be like others;
But my stammering makes me different than crowd.

As, although I stammer, I still have a voice to raise.
Still there are people to praise.
I thank God, for making me a stammerer,
where I can see what others can’t.

I love my stammer!



~Bhupendra Singh Rathore (Bhilwara, Rajastan)



Stammering Awareness Week
As a part of Internship program of B.Ed. Course, today I have taken class in the prescribed School. It was my second class. In the first class I couldn’t able to tell about my stammering due to some reasons. Today at the end of the class, I said ”I have speech problem. So if you don’t understand my words, Plz ask me , I will tell you again.” After that some of them laughed, I also laughed. I was planning to tell the Same from earlier, fortunately this is done on the first day of Stammering Awareness Week of TISA.
~Satyajit Barman (Assam)


My video about TISA stammering awareness week..
~Prasad Chawan (Mumbai)

Great start to the week… Looking forward!!


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