Report of Hangout Conducted on 14/4/2018

We had organized an online hangout on 14-04-2018 as part of regular Saturday hangouts. The agenda of the hangout was:-
Round 1. Introduction round with voluntary stammering.

Round 2. Inspirational story telling.

Round 3. My favorite teacher.

Round 4. Singing my favorite song.

Report of hangout conducted on link 1 (Prepared by host, Mohsin Tariq)

The hangout was hosted by Mohsin from Kashmir…..participants were Bhanu ,Kashak, Rohan, Rohit, Kashy…..we enjoyed a lot…

We started with introduction round with voluntary stammering. All members gave their intro in voluntary stammering ….

In the second round, Bhanu shared story of a girl that lost her legs but she climbed lot of mountains, that was inspiring story…….Kashy also shared about his struggle in life…..and Kaushik shared his story and he is in IIT. His story was really inspiration for me ……
After that we have lots of members. So we discussed some general questions about our studies, about our practices…etc

At last I wanna say, it was really a healthy session. We all enjoyed a lot… thanks to TISA👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


The hangout was participated by 3 participants – Satish, Rishabh and Sweta .

We started with introduction round with voluntary stammering. Satish ji is shared about difficulties faced by him during meetings, presentation etc.

In the second round Sweta shared story about how an elephant remains tied by a thin rope for entire life because it was not able to escape thin rope during childhood. Rishabh shared about role of his willpower and determination which has helped him to overcome stammering significantly.

In the third round, we remembered our favorite teachers who have inspired us to be a better person.

We were only 3 participants so we had extra time. We shared one of our painful childhood experience due to stammering. We felt much peaceful and lighter after sharing our painful memory.

In last we sang few lines of prayer/song which we all enjoyed a lot.

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Post Author: Satyajit Barman

2 thoughts on “Report of Hangout Conducted on 14/4/2018

    Shailender Vinayak

    (April 19, 2018 - 3:57 pm)

    After reading the report it is looking the all session was really inspiring and usefull. I also want to take part it but in last moment I got struck some where. I really miss the great session. Keep going it.

      Satyajit Barman

      (April 24, 2018 - 1:17 pm)

      You are welcome to join the Hangout Sessions. Thank you.

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