I’m a Fighter

My name is Rahul Rana and I’m PWS (severe) since I was 4. I went through many speech therapy sessions with no improvement at all. My school and college days were quiet and low profile due to my stammering problem. I wondered I could ever speak normal. Then I came to know about TISA founded by some Dr. Sachin Srivastav who himself was a PWS. Unwillingly I gave TISA a call and joined Delhi SHG (self help group). Dad forced me to attend my first weekly meeting organized by Mr. Dixit Arora which I did with little expectation. But to my surprise the meeting was a turning point. The content of meeting was superb and members were supportive and I came back satisfied.

On my coming back I recorded a short video and I noticed that I was much more confident and less stammering. Then I was curious to know more about TISA and its selfless founder, and great soul Dr. Sachin Srivastav. I like the very structure, operation, work ethos, self discipline and selfless organizational ability of its members from SHG to National Conference. TISA is a family to me now. I look forward to all its weekly meetings, workshops and National Conferences. It helped me realize “who I’m and what is my potential” which otherwise was going unnoticed and uncared for. It also helped me accept myself the way I’m. The awareness TISA is creating about stammering problems in society is commendable. I love to call it STAMMERING SKILLS rather than stammering problem because I don’t see it as a problem anymore. So this is my request to you all henceforth use PWSS (person with stammering skills) instead of PWS. I thank TISA for helping me gain control over my life and in return I’ll help others.

~Rahul Rana, 
Delhi SHG

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  1. Shailender Vinayak 2 years ago

    Vaao Rahul What a story. I like your story very much. Also like your concept PWSS (person with stammering skills)

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