My TISA Google Hangout experience

Hello all , 

I am M K Harsh from bhopal .
I am a severe stammerer.
I had been attending the Google Hangout sessions conducted by TISA from past 3 months. Initially I was very scared that they will be lot of unknown people listening to my speech .
I remember my first hangout experience , due to nervousness and fear of my first hangout session I stammered like hell but the best part was everyone listened to me so patiently.
Then I practiced my introduction 200 times in a week in front of a mirror  and guess what I gave my introduction without stammering in my next hangout session.
Then from that day , I don’t know how that introduction boosted up my confidence. Now also I stammer in the Google Hangout session but the fear level is now gone.
Hopefully I will host the next hangout session .
Through TISA’s hangout session , I had came in contact with many selfless persons who are constantly working for the betterment of other stammerers .
Thank you TISA .

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