1st Stammering Awareness Week – A Report

First of all, a hearty congratulations to everyone, for putting little efforts, that made the first Stammering Awareness Week a BIG success. The enthusiasm was great right from the day it was announced, and every SHG and volunteer was thinking of how he can create more awareness that week. That is the whole purpose- having an awareness drive nation wide, thus making our voices heard.

We had individual contributions like videos from Prasad Chawan from Mumbai, Vishal Gupta. Some of us touched their creative sides and wrote beautiful poems. Poems from Bhupendra Singh Rathore titled ‘What if I am not a stammerer’ and Rahul Rana’s titled ‘I am a Fighter’ showed the perfect blend of creativity and acceptance.

Times of India (Goa Edition) featured an article that highlighted stories of four PWS directly and indirectly involved with Goa SHG, on how we can rise above our stammering and achieve our dreams. Read the article here.

Dr. Sweta Ruparel from Anand, Gujarat has compiled a touching video that educates the world about stammering, how it is to be a PWS and how the people around can help. Watch the video here, and don’t forget to share!

I may have missed some of the great stuff done here, and if I have, please forgive me. Or best, you post it on our blog and tag it under ‘Stammering Awareness Week’.

This was such a great start, and it encourages us to make it an annual event. Thank you all for showing such great enthusiasm. Let’s continue this journey and let the world know that- we stutter, and we are okay to stutter!


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