Google hangout : A platform for better communication skill

I am MK harsh from Bhopal . I am a severe stammerer , and have been stammering from childhood . So I had attended 4-5 Google Hangout session , they one day Sweta ruparel mam pinged me that harsh why don’t you host the hangout session ? Initially , I was scared that how will I communicate with all the members with such high intensity of stammering .Then after 10 mins , I gathered all my courage and pinged her back that mam I’m ready to host the Google Hangout session . I had practiced , what would be my accent during my anchoring , how will I speak . 

Then came the D- day. I was feeling quiet confident till 8 pm in the evening . After 8 pm pressure was building on me . Then I stammered , stuttered in the hagout session . Initially there were 6 people in my link and at the last there were 2 people in my link . 

Yes , there is a lot of scope for improvement as far as my anchoring skills are concerned . So , the hangout session can be summed as a good learning experience for myself .



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