Expectations from NC

A young pws has written to us, his honest expectations from NC. Let us read it, understand it and HONOR it..

“Good Morning Sir ,

I’m having some ideas as a PWS want to see in a National Conference . It doesn’t matter if my ideas are approved or not , but spare sometime to think about this ideas if possible –
1. As a PWS , I never participated in any cultural events nor in my school or college . As of my fear and having low self image . So , in 3 days NC , Can we have a cultural nights in which there may be –
a. Dance Show
b. Musical shows
c. Comedy
d. Drama
e. Anchoring
As NC is a platform where we come to celebrate our diversity , So why to make it a learning session by adding meditation to it, as happened previously in Chandigarh NC .
2. Nowdays we heared about various Street plays , Marathon , cycling events , flash mobs . On various causes . Can we have such event in NC too ?
3. More chance should be given to a person , who is joining a Tisa event for first time . As one want to say a lot but one is always seperated by crowd because everyone wants to show that they have become fluent and superior , and in such process that new guy feels himself even more inferior than others, regarding his/her stammering .
4. All the Events and Activities should be based on same thought ” Haklao Magar pyaar se ” ; and not any activity to claim cure . Otherwise a person forgets to celebrate his diversity , and gets engaged in finding Cure . That should not be TISA purpose.
5. There can be a Awareness Session in different colleges and schools , where PWS can share about their experience about stammering .
This are somethings I missed last year in NC Chandigarh . I know everything can’t be done in one run . But still this are my few suggestions , what I feel can help me and more people to being more open and bold about their stammer . “
Thank you friend! We are listening carefully and God willing this NC will be more to your expectations. Keep talking.

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    Noted …Thanks

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