Haklao Magar Pyaar Se – IT WORKS

Hi , Everyone . I’m Bhupendra . Before writing this blog I failed in 24 interviews and recently selected in 25 th . So , Some learnings i get in this process i want to share with you all –

  1. Whenever i goes in interviews i keep saying myself , i will not stammer in this interview . and in this process i loose my confidence , eye contact , message and everything.
  2. I become so depressed and thinking due to my stammering I’m not selected . then my friends too says the same thing to me and i become much depressed , my parents asked me, we spends so much money on your education when you will give a offer letter to us . i dont have much support else than TISA , i sent mails to Sachin sir , Asked for help from harish sir , and whenever I’m more depressed share in on Tisa whats app group . This all things bought a positivness inside me . because the outside world is telling me you are a failure but my mentors in TISA telling me , Its a beginning of life . Be strong enough to face the hardtime , and it made me stronger .
  3. Recently i joined a gandhinagar communication workshop and seen , many people cracked the interviews with stammering . so why i cant ? Am i inferior than someone ? NO ! , Am i dont have proper Knowledge regarding my subject ? Yes , I have . So , why I cant do what other PWS had done before me . So, If its hard so it will remain always hard , i need to improve myself upto that level . i need to offer them those skills what they wanted in a employee.
  4. what i did ? This time i gone with mindset ; I WILL STAMMER . AND I DON’T WANT JOB , BUT I WILL ENJOY THE INTERVIEW . as after going through all interview i know what a recruiter want from a candidate – Discipline , Honesty , good communication skills , attitude , good body language , a smile which makes him comfortable . Thats it , and game is done . so , stammering is no where , i just mentioned it before interview I’m a Person Who Stammer . because i know if i will not say it still i will be not selected. so , lets do a experiment . and IT WORKED , HAKLAO MAGAR PYAAR SE WORKS ; IF YOU HAVE FAITH ON TISA , IF YOU HAVE FAITH ON PROCESS.
  5. So, If you are too passing though a hard time like i passed through . so , dont get depressed believe in process and love your stammer . accept yourself and have a confidence in you . you can achieve anything in you life ….. believe me …. ANYTHING !
  1. Harish Usgaonker 1 year ago

    Wow! Celebrations!!! First of all, congratulations Bhupendra, for kick starting your career…

    Secondly, thanks a million for sharing these learnings here. There will be many pws in TISA who would be going through this stage. This post will continue to educate and inspire everyone going through such difficult times…

  2. Naresh 12 months ago

    Really.Bhupendra sir you got a lot from Tisa . you have gone through a lot difficulties, I have learned a lot from your struggle, and you have great inspirational role in Tisa, everyday we learning a new way of acceptance
    Really Bhupendrasingh you great

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