My First Mock Interview with Abhinav

I participated in a Mock Interview conducted by Indian Women Who Stammer { IWWS } . So, In morning i get mail from Aashima , Reagarding my mock interview and timing of it is 9 pm. So, I’m ready at 8:55 for interview . As its mentioned Shilpa and Abhinav will take my interview . As i opened the link i just got Abhinav on other side , Might be Shipa is busy . Finally My Interview started at 9 pm. it started with my introduction , and then coming on my strengths , weaknesses and it includes everything i mentioned in my Resume . This interview really forced me to think , still i need to improve alot in me to being a good professional . As being Interviewed by Abhinav is great opportunity for me , as he himself working as a Software Engineer as a Good Professional . So, There is alot to learn from him . His listening skills are execllent , I recognised it when my interview is over and he is telling me the feedback . And he also told me how i can improve my answers. And i feels blessed as i paid 1500 rs for same mock interview to IIE , Bhilwara . And Tisa is providing this opportunity to me without any cost . So, guys grab this opportunity . Take part in mock interviews , it tell you where you are committing mistakes and how you can improve it . I’m very satisfied with this interview and started working on my flaws so , when next time i appear in mock interview so , i can give better answer to the questions of interviewer. Thanks IWWS for your efforts . 

  1. Satyendra Srivastava 2 years ago

    Wow! Yes, Abhinav is a great listener and a great human being, besides of course, great IT guy (beeeg data and open source). I hope you will continue to learn and come back for more mock interviews… Thank you, Aashima & team!

  2. Abhinav Singh 2 years ago

    Hi Bhupendra,

    It was good talking to you. You are full of energy. Just that you have to share more stories from your life than just sharing stammering incidences. Looking forward to talking to you again when you think you are ready with the improvements.

    And yes thanks to Aashima, Shilpa, and Team for the efforts and leading this idea. As Bhupendra mentioned, nothing can beat selfless efforts when compared with paid arrangements.

    All the best and cheers


  3. Aashima Gogia 2 years ago

    Hi Bhupendra,

    Thank you very much for this overwhelming feedback

    All the best

  4. Aashima Gogia 2 years ago

    Thank you, Abhinav for conducting the session so well

  5. Aashima Gogia 2 years ago

    Thank you Sachin Sir ..

  6. Author

    Thanks , I will surely work on my answers as most of the answers get linked with stammering and sometimes it too show my obsession with stammering . I too can understand it and currently working on it and I’m sure that you all gonna do help me in this journey .

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