Time: 11.00 am to 3.00 pm

I have been associated with TISA since December, 2016. But I didn’t get the opportunity to attend any SHG meet in my city or elsewhere. Our Kolkata TISA SHG was formed and started since 2012 with a group of some strong members and it was continually held till the initial couple of months in last year. Due to some unavoidable reasons the SHG meeting was discontinued by the members, although they are closely connected with each other over phone, but physical meeting has got some break!

Recently I have visited Ahmedabad SHG communication workshop at Gandhinagar, Gujarat and it was an eye opener for me. I realize the necessity and effectiveness of active SHG group in any City and its regular meeting. I am grateful to the Ahmedabad TISA chapter’s coordinators like, Vipulbhai, Roshanbhai, Smit and other members for their tireless efforts and the presence of some veterans TISA facilitators like Dhruv, Bhupendra, Swetahas made the communication workshop a big success.

So, I have taken a small initiative to start the SHG meeting in Kolkata for our own benefit. I have contacted all the available members in Kolkata and outside Kolkata in last 7 days. I have found that few members are staying at Kolkata and most of members are staying outside Kolkata, The distances could be 60-200 Km in some cases. I know that there are so many pws are living in Kolkata and outside Kolkata but, my current list is very limited, I guess it’s about 1% or less of the total PWS staying in Bengal.

During conversation, I have found that Transportation is a big issue for members living outside.  Some old members showing their interest and helps me a lot. Fresher members are found very shy but showing their interest also. I am thankful to my friend Mr. Bhupendra Singh Rathore for preparing the program schedule, Intimate the schedule in all SHG whatsapp groups and provide me guidance about the exercises for the meeting.


Members Present  till 11.30 am at Victoria Memorial Garden :

  • KushalBatabyal
  • Rahul Kumar Jha
  • Dipak Kumar Shah & his Friend Rahul (not a PWS)
  • AnjanGhosh
  1. We have started our Introduction in voluntary Stammering by 11.45 am and enjoying a lot.
  2. After that we have discussed about prolongation technique and repeat our self-introduction in prolongation mode. It seems that Mr. Dipakis totally unaware about those techniques and we have given him lot of scope to practice prolongation in front of us.
  3. Rahul &Kushal both are old friend during their previous SHG meeting. They have shared their previous SHG experiences with Prolongation & Bouncing Techniques.
  4. We have started story telling by giving unknown topics to each of them. Time allotted to 5 minutes for all.
  5. We have discussing about our professional achievement, hurdles in work places and discussing about its remedial measures by using techniques.
  6. 15 min break for arranging some snacks.
  7. Started the game “King of Pause” with those snacks and enjoyed a lot.
  8. Kushal& Rahul was left by 2.15 pm for some urgency. I have discussed with Dipak about the techniques of Prolongation, Bouncing and make a video of him for his future reference and send to him. Dipak is found very much excited and enjoying the SHG meet today.
  9. We have concluded our SHG meeting by 3.00 P.M. and left for home.

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Anjan Ghosh ( Kolkata )

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    Satyendra Srivastava

    (May 24, 2018 - 11:32 am)

    Congrats everyone….!
    Journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. When Tisa began in 2007, there were hardly five people…
    So little unselfish acts can acquire great momentum over the months. Never doubt it. Keep talking and keep smiling…

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